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June 7th, 2010

Product Review – Lynx Performance Grips

I’ve been an avid workout glove user for years and finally decided to try something different. There are two kinds of workout guys -  the ones that wear their hand callouses as a badge of courage, and the the ones that will do anything to avoid them. I definitely fall into the latter.

We just got  a fresh batch of Lynx Performance Grips into Active Nutrition and I had to try this alternative to my trusty gloves.  From the Lynx packaging:

“Lynx Performance Grips allow for greater strength gains by increasing the recruitment of the muscles in the hands and wrists, improving your overall performance. Lynx Grips also reduce forearm tension, hand cramping, slipping, and eliminate calluses.”

Sounds good so far. I tested my new pair on back day, a workout that really depends on grip strength and endurance. Starting out with dumbbell rows, I noticed that the Lynx grips are ridiculously easy to use. Pop them in your palms and grab a bar. Done. The grip felt really comfortable and slightly padded. Starting with a lighter warm-up weight they felt great. Moving up to a working weight set, I really started to feel the effects of an increased diameter bar. These little guys definitely work the forearm grip strength! I had to drop my max weight down a bit on the dumbbell rows to keep my forearms from burning out and dropping the weights. No problem, I’ll gladly work my way back up to that weight but with much stronger forearms to show for it.

The Lynx grips worked very well for all of my back exercises, and really shined on one in particular. I’m a big fan of the old school pull-up, and like to work my way up to the widest grip possible. The only pull-up bar in my gym that is more than a few feet long isn’t knurled for grip, so whenever I try a really wide grip set, my hands start slipping back towards the center. Even with my nice lifting gloves, a good set of wide grip pull-ups was impossible to do. Lynx grips to the rescue! With the grips in hand, I could easily do as many ultra-wide grip pull-ups as my back could handle without worrying about my grip slipping.

I really like the Lynx Performance Grips. The only disadvantage I see them having over traditional workout gloves is that they are much more easily lost or misplaced at the gym because they aren’t attached to your hands. But hey, no sweat, at $8.95 for the pair at Active Nutrition, they are no problem to replace. Highly recommended!

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